Gordini® takes the fight against fog seriously, and our mission is to deliver the maximum optical experience so that you can take your skills further. Our Air Flow Design maximizes air circulation throughout the goggle, using vents in the lens and frame to constantly scoop out the moisture, keeping your field of vision dry and fog free. Hiking the pipe or into the backcountry, or just lapping the lift, AFD® equals uncompromised performance.

These days, every goggle should be adapted to fit over any helmet. We have designed all of our goggles to assure you that every one of them is adapted to make the perfect fit with the helmet. No front gap, no side stretch, just the perfect fit.

In the past, the only type of lens available was the cylindrical lens ( if you prefer, call it the flat lens ). It is a great lens, but technology has evolved. Now, to obtain the most perfect visibility, with zero distortion, we have what is called the spherical lens ( if you prefer, call it the bubble lens ). Since it follows the round shape of your eyes, it eliminates 100% of distortion and offers you the most perfect lens available in the market place.

Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision Carl Zeiss has been specialized in optics for the past 160 years and is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing innovative optical lenses and coatings. Features:

  • 100% UV protection
  • Optical quality
  • Sharp vision
  • Scratch resistance
  • Performance tints