We at Gordini have been a leader in the ski and outdoor accessories business since 1956. That’s right: we have 55 solid years of experience… and counting.

When it comes time to designing gear that exceeds expectation, we are the brand to turn to. Designing gloves with care and technology is our pride... Creating goggles with crystal clear vision is our expertise… And making sure you are happy with your Gordini product is our mandate.

In the design of our gloves, we combine proven natural materials with the latest in synthetic technology. We team up with corporations such as Gore-Tex® and Primaloft® in order to make sure our gloves will keep you at your utmost driest and warmest. No excuses.

When we create goggles, we use the number #1 lens technology in order to assure you the best peripheral vision. All of our goggles are 100% fog free, and are designed with incredible personality. Not only is the protection of your eyes guaranteed, but so is your style.

The result: the best products for the toughest conditions.

This is who we are.